Privacy Policy of Lite Pass


About this product

Lite Pass is an account password management application. Security and light weight are its biggest features.

Note: Lite Pass, this product and this App all mean the same thing in this article.

Privacy security

In Lite Pass, all data is encrypted, and only the master password set by you can decrypt it. The master password is only known to you. This application does not know any information about your master password, so there is no way to find it back.

This application is not connected to the Internet at all and does not require Internet permissions, so you don't need to worry about your data being leaked over the Internet, all your data is encrypted and stored on your device.

When you delete this application, the data will be cleared. If you want to safely back up the data, you can refer to the "Data Backup" section.

Data backup

When you switch to a new phone, uninstall the app, or other clear app data, local data is erased. Therefore, this application also provides data backup and synchronization functions.

This application uses phone contacts as a data backup medium. If you turn on the backup to contacts option in the settings of this application, all data will be added to your contacts as a "virtual contact" after being encrypted. The name saved in the address book is "#Lite Pass #". This data is safe and can only be decrypted in this application. Note that you should not modify or edit it in the Contacts application.

If you enable the backup to contacts option, this means that the application needs permission to read and write the contacts. But it will not get any other information from your contacts except these "virtual contact". It will not and will not possible to cause your address book to be leaked, because referring to the "Privacy security" section, this application is not connected to the Internet, so it is impossible to leak or steal the notification list information in any way.

About contacts permissions

This application will only require read and write permissions on your contacts when you have turned on the "Sync to Contacts" option. And as mentioned above, even if the address book permission is turned on, it will not cause data leakage.

We do know that contacts are very sensitive and private information for users, so we will try our best not to touch it in the application.

Since the contacts are so private, why do we choose it as a backup medium still? Our main consideration is as follows: Firstly, the address book is widespread enough to exist on almost all devices, which allows us to back up without bringing any additional cost; In addition, most users will properly back up contacts, when the user backed up the contacts, he/she also backed up the data of this application.

In summary, we strongly recommend that users turn on "Sync to Contacts" option to prevent your data from being lost, without bring privacy and security risks.